When we see people use our designs it first of all makes us happy and proud. Second we find it interesting and surprising to see the multiple use people often express within their use – them owning our design – making it theirs. It’s fascinating and helpful in our ongoing work.
As Wegner said; ‘A chair is not finished until people sit in it’.


We make our clients feel safe through talks of function, needs, mood boards, dialogue and basic research into their company dna. Where are they now and where do they wanna be within the next year. We make interiors in which people are happy and feel comfortable.
Tine; ‘You just feel better if you like the colors and texture in a room’.


We care deeply about the little things. And our eye for even the smallest detail is apparent in everything we do, whether it’s the stitches on our new couch design or it’s the running theme and colour scheme of a 3,000 square metres exhibition hall. In the past ten years, we have been in charge of planning and execution of a number of exhibition designs for our clientele.

Are you planning to participate in an exhibition this year? Get in contact to discuss how your dreams can become reality.


Tine on light; “Lamps must be beautiful when the light is turned off and come to life when turned on.”
Love the smaller scale of productdesign.


I could write you a long list of clients but maybe it’s more interesting to see or read what they say themselves. Check out some of the testimonials above this.

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design by Tine Mouritsen


I’m a Danish designer who started my own studio in Copenhagen in 2006. Educated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, school of Architecture, Space and Furniture in 2000. Working as a Spacemaker, Furniture Designer and the field in between ever since.
Tine Mouritsen Aps consists of Christian Lystager and Conceptmaker,  Tine Mouritsen Furniture Designer, Space- and Conceptmaker.
For a variety of Clients such as By & Havn, Le Klint, Livingly, Erik Jørgensen, Vasanthi, Symbion, Fona, Luceplan, B&O, Magasin Mad&Vin and many others Tine Mouritsen has realized furniture, products and interior design concepts.


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