Le Klint All In Original

The All In lamp is hand folded in plastic and surrounded by a cylinder made of plexiglass. The lamp becomes a beaming sculpture with its pillar shaped silhouette that is both beautiful for the private home, the office or any public space. It was important for Tine to create a lamp that celebrates the old techniques of folding but also interprets the detail in a new and modern way. The result is a warm light that resonates through the whole lamp, but also a lamp that is beautiful when it’s turned off. The lamp is easy to move around.

Le Klint

Lighting design



Ø20 x 35 cm, Ø20 x 60 cm, Ø20 x 142 cm & Ø11 x 28 cm

“I am very satisfied with the collaboration with Tine Mouritsen. I knew that her approach to materials and shapes could give a twist to our traditional design DNA and therefor had no doubts about investing is this collaboration.”

– Kim W. Jensen, Ceo