Outdoor table for elevated balcony living, organising the small outdoor space. A unique screen with light play and patterns. The table comes with tilt function and space for storage of items such as cushions, folding chairs, and umbrella.

Material choice:
One plate metal, bent and cut. Designed for durability – UV, rain, snow, wind resistant. The furniture is designed to be outdoors all year round.

Kisuki Akryl og Metalvarefabrik
Frederiksberg Fjederfabrik
Miltona Pulverlakering

My Process

Beautiful and simply foldable. Storage space is optimised with a specially wrapped spring solution, tailored to the weight of the tabletop. Hole pattern created for pure aesthetics and poetry in an otherwise ‘cold’ material with light permeation, practical for water drainage and allowing wind flow, hanging pots, hooks, and a small shelf.

The tabletop is cut from the front panel and folded for strength and clearance between the elements.

“Innovative outdoor table design optimizing space, aesthetics, and functionality for balcony living.”

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