The Bench is inspired by the large spaces, high ceilings, and materials of its intended surroundings. Crafted from Nordic light wood, it embodies a rich material tradition. This monomaterial bench uses linseed oil to enhance its dark nuances and spaces.

The form-bent oak element boasts an ellipse-friendly shape, providing a pleasant and comfortable seating experience. It is scalable to accommodate 1 to 4 people, featuring minimalist detailing and a bold, unbroken 2-meter span.

Its calm design allows it to hold its own in large spaces.

My Process

Creating the bench involved careful consideration of its environment and materials. The process began with selecting Nordic wood for its lightness and traditional appeal.

The bench’s design is based on form-bent oak elements, ensuring both strength and elegance. Using linseed oil, I enhanced the wood’s natural dark tones, adding depth to its appearance. The bench’s ellipse-friendly shape was meticulously crafted for comfort and aesthetic appeal. Minimalist detailing was a key focus, resulting in a precise, bold design that spans 2 meters without interruption. Each step was taken with the aim of producing a piece that is both functional and visually harmonious with its surroundings.

“As fine as a Japanese classic – pure in its expression. So moving in its simplicity and beauty!”

– Pil Bredahl

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