Our new chair Hang On

06 / 23 / 20

A chair based on the fairytale ‘The little match-seller’

The new chair by Studio Tine Mouritsen is created for ‘Skud på stammen’ in collaboration with carpenter students from Next Copenhagen. ‘Skud på stammen’ is a school course that has been around for more then 10 years. It is created to match carpenter students with renowned danish designers, so both can challenge and learn from each other. It is a proces that evokes experiments and play and does not have a commercial focus.

Each year there is a new frame for the design proces. This year it was to find the inspiration in fairytales and we got The little match-seller. We zoomed in on the burned wood detail from the matches and started our journey in the Japanese technique Shou-sugi-ban. We also wanted something whimsical to mirror the story and sketched the origin of the match – the wood branch. 

The result is a chair with a clear knot to the fairytale, a playful aesthetic and a function for hanging your bag.