Seasonal Lights because winter is coming

10 / 23 / 19

An angel, a star or a snowflake to brighten up the dark hours.

Studio Tine Mouritsen has during the last 5 years designed seasonal lights for Le Klint. The series has grown and now consist of a star, a snowflake and angel. They are all very personal for Tine. She has a great love for Christmas and designed the lights to enhance that speciel feeling of melancholy, love, and ‘hygge’ that emerges every year when the days get darker.

The angels are for example created to symbolize kindness, love and humanity. All key values of Christmas. They are also a tribute to Tine’s parents who died a year apart way too soon. 

The collection takes inspiration from the magical season of Christmas, but exctense beyound that time a year. They create atmosphere and warmth and can light up the dark days. They are also great for decorating the house for a special occasion like birthdays, weddings and Valentine’s Day.

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