Erik Jørgensen Showroom

05 / 23 / 17

Home is where the heart is

Home Collection

The longing to counterbalance our hectic lives is also reflected in colour trends. Rooms covered in only one shade are becoming more prevalent.

“The unicolored room can become a refuge from the modern world, where we are bombarded with social media and find it hard to focus. We long for surroundings that are simple and clean,” says interior designer Tine Mouritsen, who is behind the styling of classic furniture company Erik Jørgensens’ brand new Home Collection Showroom. She decorated one of its rooms entirely in dark blue, one completely in white and a third in green.

“The white room, especially, gives a sense of serenity and tranquility, while the dark blue makes you feel safe and enclosed. The green room is quite botanical with calming natural elements,” Mouritsen says.