We love to start from a clean sheet and reinvent even the most basic of ideas. The concept of this office and meeting area was to create something serious, masculin, cool and truly inviting with a simple Nordic feel for design quality and functionality.

Think big! We are never afraid to continually challenge our clients or the skills of cabinetmakers and create something different and truly yours.

Concept & Implementation, Meeting facilities and reception area




200 m2

Martin Sølyst

“Tine Mouritsen helped us to develop a concept and shape the renewal of our office space. She ensured the project’s success and full implementation. Tine’s ability to ‘read’ us and challenge our ways of working has resulted in a solution that exceeded our expectations, and which at the same time has preserved our visual DNA and given us a contemporary and elegant expression that employees and clients positively notice. Tine, her team and her network has contributed to a solution where we throughout the process have felt in safe and professional hands.”

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