With inspiration from the ‘yarn’ Tine Mouritsen has added a touch of Scandinavia through the choice of materials, the hand-turned oak wood, white delicate colors and a simple design.

The YarnBomb’s socket is made of oak wood that first dries for 4 years, after which it will be shaped and finished by hand. This is done by the Danish company Woodturning.dk.

Also, the shade is handmade and made in pure cotton and organic glue.

For the floor lamp and table lamps’ part they can also be used as a pendant. In this way, most lamps in the series has dual-use – only your imagination sets the limit for the use of the YarnBomb.

There are 3 meters of fabric cord mounted on the lamp. The wall lamp is further fitted with an on / off switch.

Since all YarnBombs’ are handmade, both the shade and the socket, there may be small shade differences in the lamps’ expression.

Photo Credit: Vasanthi shoot 2014 – photos: Martin Kaufmann